Children’s Fine Art Photo Session {Utah Children’s Photographer}

WOW WOW WOW!! I am so overwhelmed and grateful for the interest in my Fine Art Sessions. Deep down I felt like there was a need for something like this that was actually affordable. When I searched for this almost 5 years ago I discovered that this would cost me anywhere from $800 – $1,500 dollars depending on the photographer, package, rights to photos, etc. And most of the time that was BEFORE prints. Ouch. I decided to do it myself and I am SO SO glad I did. So fast forward 4 years and here I am. Let me break it down for you…

The baseline is $200 for this session. Each child after that is $65. Each child comes with 4 printed photos as well as a disc or Dropbox. I HIGHLY SUGGEST PRINTING ALL OF YOUR IMAGES THROUGH ME!!!!!!!! I will not gouge you with printing costs. I want you to get your prints and see how gorgeous they are. How much better they are than Costco, Walgreens, Wal Mart or any of those other easy places to print. The printing quality makes an enormous difference which is why I am providing a few prints for the first time. I will still provide a disc along with recommended printers.

Thank you for your interest. I cannot wait to photograph your amazing children! Please TEXT or EMAIL me at 801-201-6887 for availability. You can also call and leave a message as well. {Read below pricing for FAQ’s}




Session 1: $200

– 1 Child
– 20 minute session
– 2 (8×10 prints with session)
– 2 (5×7 prints with session)

Session 2: $265

– 2 children
– 40 minute session
– 4 (8×10 prints)
– 4 (5×7 prints)

Session 3: $330

– 3 children
– 1 hour session
– 6 (8×10 prints)
– 6 (5×7 prints)
– 6 (4×6 prints)

Session 4: $395

– 4 children
– 1 hour and 20 minutes
– 8 (8×10 prints)
– 8 (5×7 prints)
– 8 (4×6 prints)

I have had so so many questions about these sessions, so I am going to respond to all of them here:)

* What should I dress my kids in?

I prefer a thin black or white tank top for girls. I like the simplicity. That doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up and do
a patterned dress. These are your photos. For boys I also like a black or white tank, or a
short sleeved black or white shirt.

* I only have boys. What should I dress them in?

I love tanks for boys. Or shirtless. It all depends on your style. A plain black or white tee also works.

* What hair and makeup do you recommend?

Again, I love simplicity when it comes to these photos. I love the simple slicked back bun, and I also love gorgeous long
hair or short hair curls. There is no guideline when it comes to hair. For boys or girls. Do what you love on your child.

* What Makeup do you suggest?

This is where I get picky and particular. I believe that makeup is beautiful in small amounts. Light mascara, light blush
and light gloss is what I think is so perfect. BUT, that doesn’t mean that anything else won’t be as beautiful. Find what
you think is right for your style and kids. Again, these are YOUR photos!!:)

* I have a baby. Do you think I should do this session?

ABSOLUTELY!!! However, I suggest waiting until your baby can sit up. I can always get a baby to cooperate and sit for a
quick minute to get those amazing shots. If you really want some photos of your baby earlier I promise to do my best:)

* What age is the best for these sessions?

I say when your baby is sitting up. I started doing these when my girls were 3 years old, but some of my favorite photos of
them are at the age of 2 in the exact same setting. I say any age.

* Do you pose my kids?

I sure do. I will make sure to pose them in ways that compliment who they are. I happily take advice from parents.

* Do you use natural light or artificial light?

I prefer natural light. I have a softbox lighting system that I have used for dozens of these sessions. I play it by ear.
If you have a suggestion or preference please let me know before hand so I can prepare.

* Do you also do full body shots?

Not usually with these types of sessions. They are normally portraits. If you would like some let me know before hand.

* Do you do on location sessions, like at my house?

I can definitely accommodate this. Lighting is key, so time of day is important. My studio is always a safe place that I
can rely on with back ups.

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